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Which is the best treatment option for excessive body spider veins? Is this simply a cosmetic issue or does it have other implications as well?

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Answer for If I have excessive small spider veins on my body, how can I get rid of them? from Renew Skin Team
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Excessive spider veins may mean that you have a bigger circulatory system problem. When the thread veins are excessively numerous and very close together they may indicate that the main vein structure is not working properly. Before any kind of therapy or treatment, you should visit a vascular surgeon which will perform an ultrasound to determine how your vein structure looks and people in Banbury can have this done at Renew Skin & Health Clinic as here we benefit both from the latest technology and our fully qualified practitioners' expertise in the field.
In what concerns the thread vein treatment, if your vein structure allows it, you can always opt for the thermo coagulation treatment which will help you get rid of the unsightly thread veins on the face or body faster than you think, and quite painless; not to mention instantly and permanently. The TC3000, the device that uses thermo coagulation, can treat up to between 40 and 80 cm of thread veins in just 10-15 minutes. As mentioned above, the results are permanent and you will not encounter any side-effects following the procedure. Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommends people in Banbury to schedule a consultation for the TC3000 thread veins treatment, during which our GP or specialist will give you all the necessary information about the procedure, while also assessing your medical history and current health condition, which is necessary for the setting of an accurate diagnosis.

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