Video interview and client testimonial with Dr. Jha and the client’s husband on a successfully performed age spots removal treatment with the CO2 laser therapy. Terry’s wife is a Renew Skin & Health Clinic distant client who came to us from Bedford to have her unaesthetic age spots removed from a rather large part of her trunk, both front and back, as she was feeling uncomfortable with her looks and wanted an aesthetic improvement. Due to the proven effectiveness of the non-surgical CO2 laser therapy on skin imperfections removal, this treatment was also recommended for Terry’s wife age spots removal.

After 4-5 treatment sessions of CO2 laser for age spots removal, the cosmetic results are absolutely amazing, and our client is extremely pleased with the results. Her husband states that the prior consultation was highly informative, well-detailed, the age spots removal procedure with the CO2 laser was comfortable, quick and the minimal soreness experienced post-procedurally, was quickly eliminated with a calming and regenerative cream recommended by Dr. Jha. Taking into account the quick positive cosmetic results, our client’s husband agrees that the price was also highly affordable, and above all, his wife is now happier and regained her self-confidence, the CO2 laser therapy for age spots removal leaving no scars and also improving greatly the aspect of her skin.