In this video Dr. Jha interviews one of our Renew Skin & Health Clinic clients, who after searching on the internet a clinic to undergo genital whitening has found us and came all the way from London. He describes his genital whitening laser treatment as a successful experience and states that he is pleased with the staff, the services and the entire procedure.

After having undergone 4 sessions of laser anal whitening or laser anal bleaching, our client is extremely satisfied with the outcome and says that the genital whitening treatment was virtually painless, observing a 60% improvement in the area already, and this, taking into account that final cosmetic results will be complete in a couple of months. The current cosmetic results of the anal whitening laser treatment ensured a natural look, and aftercare instructions were provided by Dr. Jha himself, making sure that complete and proper healing is achieved.

Although genital whitening is such a personal experience, our client was extremely satisfied with the reception, consultation and laser anal whitening treatment, feeling at ease throughout the entire process and recommending our professional and private services.