Video interview with Dr. Jha inquiring about the ongoing skin depigmentation treatment and results obtained by our client Emma, after using the professional ATACHE products for unaesthetic skin spots and dark pigmentation following acne condition. Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic cosmetologist and beautician, our cosmetic specialist has an extensive experience in using the professional ATACHE products for skin pigmentation issues and has managed in only 10 sessions to help Emma improve the appearance of her skin, efficiently removing dark spots which are targeted individually and without any risks.

The Despigmen line from ATACHE is ideal for removing pigmentation irregularities, even in darker skin, ensuring dark spots and blemishes removal. Our cosmetic specialist also recommended our Renew Skin & Health Clinic client the ATACHE Despigmen home care products, so the treatment can also be applied at home for better and faster results. As our client states, improvements are already visible, the ATACHE products are definitely effective and she will continue with the day and night treatments until the final desired results are obtained.