This video interview presents Renew Skin & Health Clinic hair specialist, Dr. Jha discussing details about the hair transplant procedures available at our clinic for surgical hair restoration with permanent results. There are two main types of surgical hair transplant, FUE and FUT, with a few differences between them, in terms of hair follicle extraction, but with the same positive and permanent end results. Dr. Jha also states that the main two causes of hair loss, are genetics and allergen-related factors, and  recommends patients who want to undergo a hair transplant procedure to wait until over 25 years of age.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, Dr. Jha also performs hair transplants for eyebrow hair restoration and definition, clearly explaining all the details of the procedure. Another message we want to convey through this video interview are the steps to be taken by the clients pre-hair transplant treatment, asking the patients to send via email, especially distant clients, 5 types of HQ photos of the frontal, sides, top and back of their head, so we can accurately assess the degree of your hair loss. Also, a telephonic consultation can be made, so the client is well informed before coming to our hair clinic. 

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