Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra also called DPN is a common condition which mainly affects people of Afro-Caribbean origin and sometimes dark skinned Asian and Polynesians population. The exact frequency is unknown. Interestingly and it is sad that females are more frequently affected than males. This condition can sometimes begin as early as early teens in, but their incidence, number and size of lesions increases with age. These unsightly spots mainly occur on the upper 3rd of the face. Namely, cheeks, forehead, temples and these may even be found on the neck, upper back and chest. These spots are physically symptomless, but sometimes the sufferers may complain of irritation with clothes of jewellery, etc. These are however undesirable cosmetically and but sometimes it can cause severe mental health issues.

The diagnosis at most centres including at our Renew Skin And Health Clinic is made on clinical assessment by our doctor. This assessment is generally free of charge. At your assessment, our doctor will go through your full medical history and discuss if you are suitable for this treatment. At Renew Skin And Health Clinic we have two ways to remove these facial imperfections, but Dr Jha prefers CO2 laser which is quick and straightforward. If you go ahead with the procedure, Dr Jha will give you a test patch on a few spots, which chosen in an area on the neck, just below the ear if you have some spots there. This test patch is essential to assess the risks of hypo or hyperpigmentations, and these are relatively common side effects following such procedures.

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