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Do 16 mm flesh tunnel gauges in earlobes return to normal or how can this be corrected through stretched earlobe surgery?

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Answer for Does the flesh tunnel gauge return to its normal size after removing it? from Renew Skin Team
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Earlobes are comprised of fatty tissue and soft skin by wearing heavy jewelry, whether they are long and heavy earrings or plugs and tunnels it is only natural that the ear will form around these accessory habits.

Unfortunately, the maximum size for a flesh tunnel that allows the ear gouge to return to normal is 8 mm. Anything bigger will not allow the lobe to retreat to a 1.2 mm or 1.6 mm gouge, leaving evidence of flesh tunnels. If the gouge was done by piercing the ear with a set size (1.6 mm, 3 mm or bigger) then the earlobe tissue will not return to its original size, requiring a surgical intervention.

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