Corinne - Breast lift for stretch mark removal

Is breast lift surgery efficient for the removal of stretch marks as well? How is the procedure performed and can it also correct or eliminate the stretch marks that appear in the breast area?

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Answer for Does breast lift (mastopexy) take care of stretch marks? from Renew Skin Team
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Breast lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure for the correction of unaesthetic sagging breasts. No matter the cause, such as weight gain, weight loss or puberty, larger breasts usually develop stretch marks around them. During the breast lift procedure or mastopexy, some of the stretch marks in the area will be removed with the excess skin that is removed for the lifting effect, especially in the lower part of the breast. The ones in the upper side will remain, but will however be tighten and smoothed out to a certain extent. The specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommend anyway a weight loss program prior to the actual breast lift surgical procedure to avoid the appearance of other stretch marks that may appear after weight loss of pregnancy after the procedure.

In any case, after a first consultation with one of our Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists, you will have all the necessary information and details that should be taken into account before and after the procedure so the results are optimal as expected.

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