Cody - Hair simulation does not cause discomfort

Does the process of Hair Simulation Semi-Permanent Tattooing cause any pain or discomfort for the client? 

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Answer for Do Hair Simulation Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos cause any Physical Discomfort? from Renew Skin Team
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Generally, there is the tendency for many of our clients to associate semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos with traditional forms of tattooing before actually undergoing the procedure. While the two techniques do have certain similarities, in the sense that they both imply the introduction of pigment in the skin, there are a number of fundamental differences. Semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing is much more delicate and non-intrusive with the client's skin since the special micro needles used in the process only penetrate the superficial stratum of the epidermis, making the process considerably much less painful than the traditional form of tattooing. Also, because of the non-intrusive nature of the procedure, there is only limited and temporary post-procedural discomfort, usually due to minor skin irritation. In order to ensure that the hair simulation process is as safe and painless as possible, please make sure to select a skilled cosmetic professional who is working in a clean environment. If the procedure is done incorrectly or if poor quality pigment is utilized, the client can experience allergic reactions or infections. The specialists of Renew Skin & Health Clinic are here to place their knowledge at your disposal if you feel hair simulation can improve your life.

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