We often tend to focus more on the health and the appearance of the facial skin rather than on the state of other sections of our skin that are just as sensitive. We tend to neglect the skin of the décolletage, the neck and the hands despite the fact that they are just as vulnerable to the adverse effects of age and solar exposure as is the facial skin. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we understand how important it is for our patients to obtain a balanced, natural look, which is why we have always strived to offer the best cosmetic services, including laser skin rejuvenation and décolletage laser treatment in Northampton.

Chest wrinkles and chest brown spots are commonly found in mature women and are generally caused by exposure to a very diverse range of environmental factors, including ultraviolet rays, water that has an improper pH balance and, of course, the constant influence of gravity. While some of the aesthetic side-effects of ageing can be addressed, or at least slowed down, with the help of anti-ageing or moisturizing creams, additional help will eventually become necessary to ensure effective chest wrinkle removal, brown spots removal and eliminating the signs of skin damage and skin laxity. Décolletage laser treatment in Northampton, also referred to as décolletage rejuvenation, is an uncomplicated cosmetic procedure which is very similar to the laser skin rejuvenation process, but is specially designed to correct the defects of the chest skin. The operation is very safe, effective, and non-surgical, involving very little medical risk or physical discomfort for our patients. The non-invasive nature of the décolletage laser treatment means that it can be applied in the case of a wide range of age groups and medical backgrounds. The Renew Skin & Health Clinic team of dermatologists chose to conduct this particular form of laser treatment with the innovative Deka Fractional CO2 Laser due to the fact that it allows greater accuracy when performing the operation and thus reduces the intensity of any potential discomfort and the duration of the recovery period. If you choose to undergo décolletage laser treatment in Northampton, one of our specially trained dermatological specialists will use Deka Fractional CO2 Laser to penetrate the upper layer of the skin deep enough to carefully remove it, but not deep enough to affect the integrity of the deeper strata. The same process that destroys the first layer of skin also stimulates the production of collagen and the creation of new skin cells, making the emerging layer of skin look younger and healthier.  Small columns of monochromatic, high-intensity laser are used to treat the surface of the chest skin by deconstructing the molecular bonds and stimulating intense skin regeneration. After the old layer of skin is removed, the patient’s “new skin” will have greater elasticity and will appear healthier. Because of its benefits, décolletage laser treatment is considered a very effective means of skin collagen rejuvenation, skin laxity improvement and cleavage skin tightening.

Despite the fact that décolletage and neck skin laser treatment involves very little physical discomfort or chance of medical complications, our team of dermatological specialists advise that you be very careful when you select the clinic where you wish to undergo the laser treatment. The experience of the medical staff and the quality of the medical equipment are essential for the final outcome of the procedure; if these requirements are not met, the patient risks developing acneiform eruptions, noticeable scarring or uneven skin texture. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we use the innovative Deka Fractional CO2 Laser, the latest development in medical laser technology, in order to increase the accuracy with which our medical team operates and reduce the duration of the recovery period by avoiding unnecessary skin damage. The recovery period can vary between 5 to 7 days, depending on the patient’s natural ability to regenerate; during this period, the old layer of skin will be shed and newer, healthier layer will emerge. The anti-ageing décolletage laser treatment is a very effective, non-invasive and safe treatment that can correct many of the age related skin defects. The same procedure can be utilized for efficient age spots removal, sun spots removal and brown spots removal from the chest skin.

The treatment of the skin with kojic acid-based creams is recommended during the 3 to 4 weeks prior the actual laser skin treatment. This will enhance the effectiveness of the laser treatment, especially if coupled with a long-term increase of Vitamin C intake. If the patient has had any issues relating to herpes outbreaks, then our team will recommend the he undergoes an antiviral treatment 6 days before the laser operation. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we ensure that a special treatment regime is established for each individual patient based on their medical background.

If you wish to improve the appearance of your skin and are ready to make this step alongside us, then the décolletage laser skin rejuvenation treatment in Northampton is the perfect anti-ageing treatment for you. In order to schedule an appointment, simply contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office.