Since the ancient times people have discovered that the cold can be beneficial in treating injuries, hardening the body or reducing inflammations. The cryotherapy with Cryo-pen is a total and controlled destruction of the unwanted tissue through its cooling during the clinical procedure. The cryogenic treatment can also be used to eliminate living tissue because no organic cell, healthy or sick, can survive a freezing procedure up to -95C degrees.

Nowadays, cryotherapy is considered a very fast and safe technique and because of this reason, the best medical practices benefit from the extension of services like these to their clients. Through the Cryo-pen treatment, the specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are ready to offer you a fast and extremely effective solution.

Cryo-pen is a practical cryo-cautery medical instrument used for the elimination of pathological skin tissue like birthmarks or warts through freezing with the help of the carbonic snow or through cauterisation with the help of low temperatures.

With the Cryo-pen, the standards for the elimination of flaws and skin lesions have been improved because the method is very fast and safe. It was established as a method of success for the elimination of the unwanted tissue because it leaves the fibrous structure intact. Also, this treatment does not represent a risk and does not need care after the intervention.

Cryo-pen is a non-traumatic device that is used for cauterisation, especially in the dermatology field of activity. With a treatment like this you can remove precisely: warts, papillomas, keratoses, granulomas, hemangiomas, elder skin spots or birthmarks. The advantages of this type of treatment are that it is non-surgical so it does not use incisions, does not leave scars and the preparation is simple and fast.

The cryosurgery is a method that is used with success in treating skin lesions such as birthmarks. Even though they are not dangerous, they can become highly unaesthetic and later on can create different psychological complexions. The Cryo-pen technique uses allogenic agents that are easy to apply.

Entering the category of cryosurgical treatments and being a non-traumatic one, the Cryo-pen is very popular for the birthmark elimination in our clinic. It is a very modern treatment and helps with the elimination of the benign epidermal lesions. Plus, it can also be applied with babies because it does not leave scars and the procedure is done very fast.

Fast, safe and without leaving scars, the Cryo-pen treatment represents a revolutionary technology that gains more territory every day. Because it can be used for the elimination of different pathological skin tissues and it is an extremely simple procedure, the specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa invite you to try it and assure you that you will not be disappointed.