Renew Health & Skin Clinic wants to present the semi-permanent make-up and cosmetic tattoo procedure, performed under the close supervision of our cosmetic specialist, the micropigmentation procedure being now available at our clinic. We offer you this revolutionary method of retouching your facial and body appearance in a minimally intrusive way, with immediate and efficient results that last between 2 and 5 years. Because we support natural beauty, we thought at a way of improving people’s appearance with very little changes that are barely noticeable, but which create such an effect on their faces that it brings them closer to perfection.

The technical name for the semi permanent make-up or cosmetic tattoo is Micropigmentation. It describes the process of implanting pigments into thin layers of the skin, much like the traditional tattoo technique, pigments that are made out of inorganic, hypoallergenic minerals, fragrance and emollient-free. This mechanical cosmetic procedure performed by our cosmetic specialist, will result in a flawless and natural make-up, which will highlight your facial features by coloring and redefining your facial contours so that you will look younger and more sensual in a natural and pleasant way. At Renew Health & Skin Clinic you will benefit from several treatments. The lash line enhancement is the effect of denser eyelashes, performed by cosmetically tattooing your lash line with small points that will simply give the impression of full eyelashes. The semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo is exactly what the name says, we are going to create a tattoo on your eyelids so that you will get well-defined eyes with no more worries for the smudged make-up.
The eyebrow-recreation is the process of tattooing your eyebrows according to the face’s features, so that when the work is finished you will receive equally drawn eyebrows that seem natural and yet perfect in their beauty. The lip-liner definition is dedicated for women or men who wish for a more beautifully shaped and contoured mouth. It’s a simple cosmetic process where the margins of the lips are contoured with a thin line of color. The full-lip coloring goes beyond giving contour to your lips, it gives them volume and a lifted appearance by using a color at your choice and at the specialist’s recommendation and tattooing your lips to fill them up with that particular nuance.

More than this, at Renew Health & Skin Clinic you will solve your hair loss aesthetic problems. The scalp micropigmentation or hair simulation procedure consists in cosmetically tattooing hair follicles onto your scalp to produce the effect of a fully haired scalp. If you’ve got tired of your scars and just want to wear shorts again in the summer, come to our Renew Clinic, because the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure can also ensure effective scar camouflage effects, making a balance of color in your skin tone. Finally, if you suffered a breast surgery or mastectomy, you’re considering reconstructive surgery and want your breasts to look as natural as possible, the areola repigmentation or the 3D nipple tattoo is your answer.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic together with our cosmetic specialist, welcome you to try on your own the semi-permanent make-up and semi permanent cosmetic tattoo procedures and benefit from their immediate and visible effects that will last up to five years. Feel free to call our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office, on 01926 422 454 to book your consultation or treatment as our operators are at your disposal with any information you may require.

Before After Results for Semi-permanent Make-up/ Tattoo