The desire to improve our general physical appearance has made reparatory cosmetic surgery one of the most challenging domains of medicine. Renew Skin & Health Clinic is a cosmetic medical centre that offers cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments with exceptional results in safe conditions due to its experienced doctors and latest generation equipment in the plastic surgery field.
The breast and eyelid cosmetic surgery, facial lifting, otoplasty and hypospadias in men together with surgical weight loss and obesity surgery and body shaping treatments are a few of the many therapies our specialists perform with dedication and professionalism.

For breast plastic surgery we can offer breast augmentation solutions such as silicone implants or mastopexy (breast lifting) which is mostly applied to patients who gave birth, breastfed or have sagging breasts that lack any elasticity.
Breast reduction in men represents the correction of the feminine aspect in male breasts through the elimination of glandular tissue surplus and body fat excess for a firm, flat and well outlined aspect of the pectoral region.

Facial surgery comes with solutions for the correction of the nose, lips and ears where it aims at the adjustment of their form that may require reduction or repositioning closer to the head. Blepharoplasty is a procedure of eliminating eyelid skin excess and fat sacks, which can also correct dark circles and wrinkles found at the extremity of the eyes (crow’s feet).

Facial lifting is one of the most commonly performed procedures, being recommended for patients who present: a fallen aspect of the cheeks, deep wrinkles between the nose and the mouth, wrinkles that start from the extremities of the mouth towards the chin, loss of definition of the mandible due to the skin that hangs and has lost its muscular tonus, fat deposits that give a goiter aspect or flaccid skin.

For body shaping and surgical weight loss treatments through liposuction, abdominoplasty, gastric ring or balloon, we have an entire team of specialized physicians in plastic surgery who can guarantee you exceptional results in safe conditions and with minimal discomfort.
Hypospadias is a congenital affection characterized by the opening of the urethra on the underside of the penis instead of its tip. During the surgical procedure, the doctor uses parts of the tissue from the foreskin or from the interior of the mouth to reconstruct the urinal tract in its right position, eliminating the problem.

Through its plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments, Renew Skin & Health Clinic is the best solution to resort to when your exterior aspect disagrees with the self image. For surgery results to be similar to the patient’s desires very good communication with the specialized doctor and the keeping of every step he/she recommends is essential. Our results speak for themselves!

In our clinic there are specialists who want to help you. We pride ourselves with the attention and the personalized cosmetic treatments for every patient while the doctors at Renew Skin & Health are available not only before the procedure but also during and after it, when the recovery period begins.