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What are the Renew Clinic specialists’ opinion on the differences between a non-surgical and a surgical hair transplant? What are the final cosmetic results involved?

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Answer for Does a non-surgical hair transplant look more aesthetic than a surgical one? from Renew Skin Team
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To begin with, there is a big difference between surgical and non-surgical hair transplant procedure: that of invasiveness, where normally, the surgical method is invasive while the non-surgical one is not. The surgical methods you can consider are FUE and FUT meaning Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant. FUE is a less invasive procedure than FUT because it consists in the harvesting of follicular units (groups of 1-4 hairs) from a donor area which is usually in the back of the head, while FUT is more invasive meaning that the follicular units are harvested from a strip of tissue and then implanted in the bald areas, leaving a linear and quite visible scar. And then there are the non-surgical procedures that consist in the application of a thin, light and transparent membrane to the scalp, which is infused and entirely covered with natural human hair, the transplant being made at a follicular unit level to ensure the creation of identically natural aspect concerning hair color and thickness. You have three types of membranes to choose from: polyurethane, monofilament and lace, and at our Renew Skin and Health Clinic branch in Liverpool you can rest assured that no matter what your affliction is caused by, our highly qualified specialists will help you choose only the option specifically tailored for your needs and lifestyle, whether it is surgical or not, you can be certain that the results will be the best in terms of aesthetics, offering you a completely natural look.

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