If you consider your body as your temple, you know that it needs permanent care and protection in order to keep it healthy and beautiful. The Corporal Care line of ATACHE offers you professional and scientific cosmetic products for overall body reshaping, skin smoothening, cellulite reduction and many more. The first step in taking professional care for a better skin and shape is possible with the ATACHE products, designed for effective skin resurfacing and professional skin peeling, an important phase that prepares the skin for further cosmetic treatments. The body reshaping cream is a highly efficient firming body gel-cream that provides visible body reshaping results, such as skin toning and correcting sagging areas. If you want to get rid of cellulite, ATACHE proposes an anti-cellulite serum that helps in cellulite reduction, diminishing the unaesthetic or fatty tissues while it shapes and tightens your skin for a toned and healthy look. Furthermore, since moisture is the key element in any youthful skin, the body skin revitalizing treatment and the moisturizing body treatment will drastically improve your skin’s elasticity and flexibility for a youthful look. Finally, Corporal Care from ATACHE includes a revolutionary alternative to breast augmentation surgery with its volume effect breast serum that will increase your natural breast size with its active ingredients also providing amazing natural shaping.