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We asked some of our clients to give us a brief interview after cosmetic treatment in Renew Skin and Health Clinic

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Client Testimonials

Robert V. 03/08/2017

It's been a very pleasant experience an the staff have been extremly helpful


Sophie 24/07/17 Northampton(Wart Removal by Dr.Jha)

Dr.Jha treated my daughter sophie for a forehead wart and hand wart by laser,it was done immediately and walked straight away giving excellent results with both warts completely gone.Very happy with the service we recieved.


Lauren Dulson 21/07/17 Halston(Hair Loss Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Very good. The Doctor is very knowledable and very informative. I am leaving feeling very confident that he can help me.


Pam 20/07/17 Leamington spa(Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Informative and clear on treatment options.


RP 19/07/17 Leamington spa( Consultation with Dr.Jha)

On arrival I was greeted by a receptionist.Then had a consultation with Dr.Jha ,it was very comprehensive and informative.


Avee Rugby 14/07/17 (Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Helpful and great advice.


Client from liverpool 14/07/17 (Radiosurgery for PPP removal by Dr.Jha)

Treatment quick and painless. Staff and Dr very friendly and professional. Very Pleased.


Michael 07/07/17 Preston(PPP removal treatment by Dr.Jha)

I was completely happy with my treatment today.I was made to feel comfortable as soon as i walked in.The Dr and staff were very professional.


A Parry 07/07/17 Falkirk (PPP removal treatment by Dr.Jha)

Staff very friendly ,clean clinic. Dr.Jha extremely nice and answered any questions i had. Instructions for aftercare very clear and understandable.


Adam S 26/06/17 Bournemouth(PPP removal treatment by Dr.Jha)

Very satisfactory, great people.


Charlotte welsh 24/06/17(Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Dr.Jha was very welcoming  and helpful in explaining my condition and what would be best to do next. Thank you.


Trev P 14/06/17  Northampton(Laser treatment)

Quick easy and painless treatment.


P.Solth 14/06/17 Warwick(Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Very good.


 A.Bal 14/06/17 Leicester(Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Excellent very honest will think of choices and get back to doctor.


John 14/06/17 Glasgow(PPP treatment by Dr.Jha)

Friendly staff, and quick and painless treatment.


J.Green 12/06/17 Leamington Spa (Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Informal & friendly the Dr appeared very knowledgeable.He gave a consultation and options without any pressure to committ to treatment.


Wendy green 02/06/17  Kenilworth(Carcinoma Removal by Dr.Jha)

Had a small Carcinoma Removed from my cheek. The service was excellent . I had a free consultation with Dr.Jha on monday morning and operated on two days later by Dr.Alan Park. I could not have asked for better treatment.Ten days on , my stitches have been removed and results have also arrived.


Charolette 24/05/17 Leamington Spa(Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Excellent interpersonal skills,a very honest gentleman,exceptionally knowlegable.


Helen 18/05/17 Leamington Spa(Consultation with Dr.Jha regarding ingrown toe nail)

Very Friendly and helpful consultation. I will try the instructions given.


Davies 15/05/17 Bridgend (Fordyce spots)

I Had a good experience at renew skin clinic.


Gary S  10/05/17 Glasgow (PPP treatment by Dr.Jha)

The staff at renew skin and health clinic were very helpful and answered any questions i had. I am very happy with my experience and treatment.


Mick 28/04/17 Basildon (Fordyce spots removal)

Made to feel very welcome. No pressure put on myself for treatment.very informative and will definitely be returning in near future.


Pavithra Ramachandran 27/04/17 Oxford (Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Good.Had a good insight to the lasers.


Chris B  07/04/17 Coventry(PRP Treatment with Dr.Jha)

Very good and great information.


Ben 05/04/17 Leamington Spa (Doctor's Consultation)

My Experience at renew skin and health clinic was really informative,helpful. The staff were very approachable and made me feel at ease.


Janette 20/03/17 Coventry( Mole Removal by Dr.Jha)

Dr.Jha was very helpful,put me at ease, a very pleasant experience.


Paul 20/03/17 Warwick (Laser Mole Removal)

I was Very impressioned with the treatment from Dr.Jha. I felt no pain at all and I was made to feel very comfortable. Thank you,


John 10/03/17 Wolverhampton (Consultation with Dr.Jha)

I have had a Fantastic Experience with Dr.Jha . He displayed a professional judgement to my personal problem. Absolutely highly recommended.


Scott Martin 08/03/17 Coventry (Removal of Wart on lip)

From consultation through to post treatment checkup,everything has been very professional and quick, I have felt very at ease with it all . The removal of the wart was pain free and has healed brilliantly. I am Very happy with the results. 


Ruhu 25/02/17  Tamworth(PPP Treatment with Dr.Jha)

Very quick and easy. Painless also .would definitely recommend.


Owen.C 24/02/17 Leamington spa(Doctor's Consultation)

Informative, No Pressure. good social skills.


Rach 20/02/17 Hereda Bridge (Doctor's Consultation)

Excellent very helpful. Reassured found out that did not need treatment.Genuine and honest. Thank you.


Palmar 14/02/17  Birmingham(Hair loss Treatment consultation with Dr.Jha)

Clear Informative consultation for hair loss.


Olivia 10/02/17 Rugbby (Mole removal by Dr.jha)

The staff and doctors were all extremely friendly and welcoming .I did not at any point feel pressured into rushing into anything. were all very reassuring and i even on my follow up made me feel reassured and happy, would definitely recommend them to anyone.


Tom.M  02/02/17  Nottingham(PPP Removal by Dr.Jha)

Very friendly people,evrything was explained clearly fast procedure.


Miriam Price 02/02/17 (Mole Removl By Dr.Jha)

Knowledgable Dr.Jha who gave me the information needed to make a decision. No Hard Sell.


John Sturman 01/02/17 (PPP treatment by Dr.Jha)

Excellent procedure with Dr.Jha who made me feel very relaxed.Very easy and straight forward.


Vivien.S Leamington spa 30/01/17(Mole Removal & Sunspot Removal)

Everyone very kind,sympathetic treatment, well explained and relatively painless.


Francesca G Leamington spa 28/01/16(Consultation of Mole Removal)

Painless and simple process, excellent consultation.


George Huddersfield 27/01/17(PPP by Dr.Jha)

Was made to feel very comfortable very professional .Look forward to seeing the results.


Danny L  Bedford 26/01/17(Consultation of Hairloss treatment with Dr.Jha)

Very good,sound advice with a no-pressure atmosphere .Thank you.


 D.Hill  Redditch  25/01/17(Laser Treatment)

 From Booking the appointment to arriving at the clinic. I was made to feel very welcome. The staff made me feel at ease.Dr.Jha was very nice and clearly explained the procedure and possible side effects.I am looking forward to seeing the positive results.


Liam Sunderland 25/01/17 (Fordyce Spots treatment by Dr.Jha)

Overall a positive experience. Dr.Jha was honest from the start for what to expect from treatment.I have experienced no painful side effects from my treatment and the number of spots have reduced in number.Iam happy with how the course has gone and do recommend it,if your considering treatment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Will.S Swansea 24/01/17 (PPP Removal by Dr.Jha)

 Overall as extremely pleasant experience staff were very welcoming. Dr.Jha was very professional and the operation saw a success.


Jaonna Leamington Spa 24/01/17( Doctor's Consultation)

 Consulted about Rosacea on cheek and mole removal laser treatment ,possible results and prices were well explained.


 Sofia  Glasgow 24/01/17 (Skin Tag Removal)

It was full of information.The doctor was upfront about the treatment. It was very accurate as to how I would feel.


Maggie Hall Leamington Spa  20/01/17 (Laser Treatment of wart by Dr.Jha)

Lovely friendly Welcome. Immediate treatment (even without an appointment!) Pleasant surroundings and knowlegeable efficient doctor and nurse . Thank you.


Hazel  Worchestershire 19/01/17( Free Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Very Efficient and details clear.


Chris B  Coventry 17/01/17 (PRP treatment by Dr.Jha)

Very good and well explained.


MH  Leamington spa  16/01/17 (Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Dr.Jha was one of the most positive doctors i have come across. He assured me that the small insecurity i have about my skin should not be one at all as it is hardly noticeable and thus i felt an immediate confidence boost to my own self image. The insecurity is out in my mind and doctor Jha has really helped to make me realise this is an even clearer than before. Thank you sir.


Jordan Elliott Reynolds Kent 14/01/17 (PPP, Fordyce Spots)

Doctor was very good at stating and explaining the situation and during the procedure there was no pain apart from the numbing injections.


Kath p leamington spa 11/01/17 (Mole Removal with Dr.Jha)

Very Good,not as scary as i had expected very informative.


Dorothy M Leamington spa 11/01/17 (Free Consultation with Dr.Jha)

I felt most welcome when i arrived at the clinic and was offered coffee,when i met the doctor he was very polite and explained the procedure thoroughly to me.he did not pounce on me for cash and i found the doctor very considerate and caring.


Gary S Radford Semele 06/01/2017 (Free Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Very Honest and Informative. No Pressure.


R.Wilson  Everdon  04/01/2017  (Laser Toe Nail with Dr.Jha)

First class service from Reception to Doctor. Looking forward to the full treatment.


Ai Neil  Cambridge 03/01/2017  (PPP treatment done by Dr.Jha)

Dr.jha was good! everything explained and went over it all. Rest of the staff seemed lovely too.


Abdul Sab Birmingham 02/12/16 (co2 laser for Genital wart by Dr.Jha)

My Experience at the clinic was really good. I have been offered a good customer service from my first contact with the clinic. At the day of my treatment ,the staff made me feel really comfortable at the clinic reception. my treatment with Dr.Jha was very smooth and I have been explained the treatment procedure very clearly. and I was offered a good follow up visits to look over my treated areas. Thanks.


Mary B  Birmingham 7/12/16 (Eye lesion Removal)

excellent service and more importantly pain free, friendly staff.


Nathan  Leeds 26/11/16 ( PPP treatment done by  Dr.Jha)

My Experience was quick easy and simple.Would Recommend to anyone with PPP.


 John F Leamington Spa 25/11/16 (consultation with Dr.Jha about Viral Wart Removal)

Excellent results.Staff are very friendly,caring and considerate.

Dr.Jha was amazing,very Knowledgeable and reasssuring .Would Definitely Recommend.


Patrick M  Oxan 5/11/16 (Consultation with Dr.Jha)

Very professional and positive .Reassuring to my son.


Olivia Coventry 5/11/16 (consultation with Dr.Jha)

The Doctor was very patient on understanding. He resolved the depth of the problem and adviced carefully on what to do. I am very happy with the experience that was given to me by the doctor and also the customer service.


Steve Crawford Southampton 01/11/16 (Consultation  with Dr.Jha)

Very informative overview of moles and procedures available.


Exera Coventry 27/10/16 (Consultation  with Dr.Jha)

Very good consultation, Honest unbiased advice pre are postcare  information. Risks advised.


Ryan H Warwick 29/09/16 (Consultation  with Dr.Jha)

Very Good experience ,doctor gave good advice about the options+expected results. Not Pushy.


Mane Haywood Leicestershire 24/09/16 (TC 3000-SPIDER+THREAD veins  with Dr.Jha)

I Found my experience with the clinic very professional. The laser specialist was very informative and friendly. Made me feel very comfortable and treatment was not painful at all.


Priya Birmingham 17/09/16 (Gluthathione & Ascorbic acid,Skin Lightening Treatment with Dr.Jha)

I had a Wonderful experience at the clinic. I was treated well by the doctor.He is very friendly,Patient and advised well about my overall health. During the procedure he ensured  I was ok and not uncomfortable or in any discomfort. Iam looking forward to any next visit to the clinic. I would definitely recommend this clinic to family and friends.


Olanrewath Coventry  19/10/16 ( Cyst Removal with Mr. Alan Park)

Fabulous experience .Dont even feel i have a procedure done. Quick and efficient job well done. Thank you Renew clinic.


Charolette  Solihull 12/10/16  (Laser Wart Removal with Dr. Jha)

Very friendly, welcoming, professional service. Made me feel comfortable and explained procedure well.


Mohammed  cheltenham 11/10/16 (Consultation about hair loss with Dr.Jha)

Very good and informative. Dr jha was very helpful and suggested alternatives to transplant.


William Wellesbourne  05/10/16 (PPP treatment with Dr.Jha)

Very Good,top quality.


Andrew  Stoke-On-Trent  30/09/16  (PRP treatment with Dr jha)

Professional and well explained/friendly.


Kath  Leamington Spa 30/09/16  (Consultation on Mole Removal with Dr.Jha)

Very informative; well explained,friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


Aaron Lawson  29/09/16  (ppp treatment with Dr.Jha)

Procedure was a success .Iam very thankful !!


T.B 23/09/16 Coventry (Consultation for Cyst with Dr.Jha)

Seen promptly ,examined by doctor who was very understanding and explained everything clear. Made to feel comfortable.


Amna 22/09/16(Consultation for skin tag removal with.Dr.Jha) 

Dr.Jha explained everything in detail.


Nick Brandon 22/09/16 (Consultation for fordyce spots with Dr Jha)

Everything was explained clearly and politely, I have learnt more about my condition and discussed alternative treatments and there effectiveness.


Marjicke Leamington Spa 31/08/16 (CO2 Laser and Caviar Treatment)

I am extremely impressed with the treatment I received from beginning to end. I was advised accordingly. The clinicians are amazing and they care about the whole experience.


Carol Northampton 31/08/16 (Consultation for Sebhorric Keratosis with Dr Jha)

The staff at the clinic are friendly and professional. My treatment with the laser was not painful. I found it very comfortable and was treated quickly. I would recommend Renew Clinic.


Tom, Somerset 30/08/16 (PPP treatment with Dr Jha) 

Everything was professional and efficient and all staff were very pleasant and the procedure was explained to me and was fairly painless.


Nicola Coventry 23/08/16 (Consultation with Dr Jha)

I booked and appointment for my daughter (19 yrs) with bad skin to see the doctor. I found him to be very helpful and understanding. He gave us good advice that we are going to follow through with.


Khan 23/08/16 (PRP treatment with Dr Jha)

The doctor explained everything very clearly and knoestly. Appreciate his effort to make me feel comfortable.


John Gloucester 19/08/16 (Laser and PRP treatment for tattoo scar)

Excellent, advised what I needed. Helpful and explained treatment well, carried out treatment professionally. I would recommend to others.


Ash Northampton 18/08/16 (Consultation with Dr Jha)

My experience was very knowledgable and was a good insight into what was involved in the hair loss department and a very kind professional service.


Jon Stratford 17/08/16 (Consultation with Dr Jha)

Dr Jha was extremely helpful and explained everything to me in simple terms. I will visit again for any other problems I experience. 


Kees. L Oxford 16/08/16 (Consultation for fordyce spots with Dr Jha)

Dr Jha was superb in explaining everything to me. He was highly informative and polite. There was no pressure at all to take up the treatment and I felt extremely comfortable throughout. I would highly recommend Renew. 


Chris B Coventry 16/08/16 (Consultation for hair transplant with Dr Jha)

Very good & great information.


C. Goodwin 15/08/16 (Consultation with Dr Jha)

I had a good chat about my issues with Dr Jha about eye bumps and skin tags. He was very helpful. I can have my skin tags removed by laser and I'm happy to hear the procedure will stop them coming back. I'm overall happy with the consultation and service.


Anonymous Manchester 10/08/16 (Consultation for laser with our cosmetic specialist)

Good experience and explained everything well.


Maxine Kelly Coventry 10/08/16 (Consultation with Dr Jha)

Lots of information about treatments on offer. I didn't feel like I was being forced to go for anything. I will go home and have a good think about what treatments I want to have.


Rob. D Cardiff 04/08/16 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

I was able to get an appointment very easily. The emails were answered very informative. Staff were friendly upon arrival and the procedure went very well.


Owen. W Nottingham 04/08/16 (Treatment for PPP and fordyce spots with Dr Jha)

Very good hospitality and everything went well.


Helen Williams Cheltenham 03/08/2016 (Consultation and test patch for Mole removal with Dr Jha)

Dr Jha was very informative and helpful. I really trusted his experience in these fields and I felt no pressure to go through with the procedure. I felt i was in very good hands. The free trial is perfect for me so I can be sure that the results are exactly what I wanted. Very friendly staff too! 


L. Riley Kettering 28/07/16 (Consultation for Verrucas with Dr Jha)

Fantastic experience with Dr Jha. Very friendly, helpful and informative. Eased my daughter with her issues!


Marie Haywood Hinckley 20/07/16 (Consultation for thread veins with Dr Jha)

My experience at this clinic was very friendly with lots of advice for me to think anout. Dr Jha was very friendly with a lot of knowledge. I am very happy overall with my visit.


Philip. S Leamington Spa 22/07/16 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

Very pfoessional. The staff are attentive and made me feel confident. Clean, pleasent environment.


Jayne. N Kettering 21/07/2016 (Treatment for Areola Tattoo with our cosmetic specialist)

Absolutely incredible experience. Renew cosmetic specialist is so professional and very understanding and sympathetic. The results of the procedure exceeded all my expectations and I wholeheartedly recommend Renew cosmetic specialist.


Ellencl Stratford-Upon-Avon 20/07/2016 (Consultation for warts with Dr Jha)

Very knowledgeable and good consultation. Excellent advice and a friendly service.


W. Thomas Birmingham 16/07/2016 (Treatment for Hair Transplant with Dr Jha)

Excellent start. The doctors, Dr Jha and Mr Mohan were excellent. The technicians were also very good and hard working. Very professional. Thank you very much to all.


Carolyn Blick Warwick 15/07/2016 (Treatment for Dermal Papule removal with Dr Jha and our cosmetic specialist)

Quick pain free procedure. The doctor explained the process clearly. The results look good so far, I would recommend the clinic.


Christine Crosby Leamington Spa 07/07/2016 (Treatment for Semi permanent make-up with cosmetic specialist)

Having finished my second treatment, I am delighted with the results. I can now go swimming, get up in the morning etc without worrying about whether I have any eyebrows or not. Clinic cosmetic specialist and all the staff are very friendly and welcoming - altogether a great experience. Renew cosmetic specialist is also very understanding of my condition and medical history.


D. Connelly Manchester 07/07/2016 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

The procedure from making the appointment to the actual treatment was easy and very comfortable.


Anonymous Stratford-upon-Avon 05/07/2016 (Consultation for laser mole removal with Dr Jha)

The consultation was very relaxed and I was told about the different options I had regarding my mole. I am happy to go ahead with the treatment chosen.


Adam Robertson County Durham 30/06/2016 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

Overall experience was very good, quick and painless. Very glad I made the trip.


D.C Cirencester 28/06/2016 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

Very good treatment, thank you!


Anonymous Warwick 28/06/2016 (Consultation for hair transplant with Dr Jha)

Very informative consultation. Everything was explained thoroughly and I felt relaxed.


M. Drewery Scunthorpe 28/06/2016 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

Doctor was very helpful and informative. Treatment was painless but uncomfortable as expected.


Anonymous Coventry 14/06/2016 (Consultation with Dr Jha)

Dr Jha was very knowledgeable.


Noor Khan Birmingham 09/06/2016 (Consultation with Dr Jha)

Very pleasent.


Mark Sexton Leicester 08/06/2016 (Treatment for scars with Dr Jha)

Very helpful and the initial reaction from the procedure is good.


Olga B Kenilworth 08/06/2016 (Consultation for verrucas with Dr Jha)

Very good. Extremely helpful and gave good sensible advice. Didn't try to talk me into any unnecessary treatment. Thank you


Anonymous Southport 08/06/2016 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

Really kind and polite staff and a quick treatment. Thank you very much. Best wishes for the future.


Nick G Maidenhead 06/06/2016 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

Very friendly staff. Made to feel completely confortable throughout the appointment. A completely painless procedure.


Chris M Wolverhampton 02/06/2016 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

Quick, easy and painless. Would recommend to anyone.


Mark W Warwick 01/06/2016 (Consultation with Dr Jha)

Very informative and very helpful. Dr Jha explained the treatment very well.


N.J Leamington Spa 25/05/2016 (Consultation and treatment of skin rash)

I had a skin rash for nearly a year and saw several doctors including a couple of dermatologists but none could diagnose the problem hence this rash never healed. I then saw Dr Dharma and to my surprise he gave me a thorough evaluation and the treatment was 200% successful. He is indeed a amazing dermatologist. Highly recommended doctor indeed. 5*****!!!


J. Holland 25/05/2016 (Treatment for PPP removal with Dr Jha)

Pleasent experience. Nice and quick procedure. Funny doctor :)


KW 25/05/2016 (Treatment for anal bleaching/lightening/whitening with Dr Jha and cosmetic specialist)

For my very first consultation I have received excellent professional personal care. My expectations were managed and I am delighted with the results. After the first session began I saw a difference with a 60% improvement. After just 3 sessions I experienced minimal side effects from my treatment and I knew the care and support was there if I needed it.


P. Brown Melton Mowbray 18/05/2016 (Treatment for seb keratosis with Dr Jha and cosmetic specialist)

Good professional treatment and results. I will be back and will recommend to friends and family.


Sam 30/04/2016 (Treament for PPP with Dr Jha)

Very helpful and clear pricing.


Anonymous 30/04/2016 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

Very simple and easy to do. Very informative and papers provided including aftercare treatment and advice.


N.P Warwick 24/04/2016 (Treatment for laser with cosmetic specialist)

Everyone are very friendly. I really liked coming here and I'm pleased with the results.


J.V Westminster 24/04/2016 (Treatment for labiaplasty with Dr Park, Dr Jha and cosmetic specialist)

Surprising from start to finish. I love the staff here, I felt so looked after. Initially I was feeling scared but the staff made me feel so secure and safe. I am inclined to travel from London and always stay loyal to this clinic. Absolutely thankful that I ever had the luck to come across this clinic.


Victoria C Kineton 22/04/2016 (Treatment for mole removal with Dr Jha)

I felt comfortable and relaxed. I felt very able to ask any questions and all the staff were very friendly and professional. I am very happy and would return if I was considering anything else. 


Jordan S Nottingham 20/04/2016 (Treatment for PPP with Dr Jha)

Very good and professional service.


Paul B Melton Mowbray 18/04/2016 (Consultation and treatment with Dr Jha)

Good consultation and professional treatment - very good results and service.


Sean H Warwick 16/04/2016 (Consultation for hair transplant with Dr Jha)

The experience was very professional and the staff were friendly.


K.W Leicester 16/04/2016 (Treatment for genital warts with Dr Jha)

Very pleased with the service received. The staff were all very helpful. The treatment has also been successful and would recommend this.


R.M Dundee 16/04/2016 (Treatment for fordyce spots with Dr Jha)

Good experience, calm and very comfortable. Dr Jha did a great job.


Melanie S Warwick 13/04/2016 (Examination for varicose veins with Dr Jha)

Very efficient and clear about what to do next.


R.B Stratford Upon Avon 08/04/2016 (Consultation with Dr Jha)

Consultation was straight forward and quick.


Anonymous Leamington Spa 08/04/2016 (Consultation for cyst on the forehead)

It was a very informative consultation about the swelling on the forehead. I was told in detail about all the treatment options available.


Gylin Derby 08/04/2016 (Treatment for hair loss with Dr Jha)

My name is Gylin from Derby. I went to Renew clinic to see Dr Jha for my hair loss. I am happy with my consultation with Dr Jha because he explained to me very well how I can restore my hair loss.


Tina Hawkeswood 08/04/2016 (Treatment for mole removal with Dr Jha)

I was very impressed with the level of care I received here at Renew. I felt in good hands. Thank you!


John Mason Warwick 07/04/2016 (Treatment for Thread Veins with Renew cosmetic specialist)

Excellent service and results. I am very pleased with the outcome and I would also recommend the procedure to anyone.


Fan. E Stoke-On-Trent 04/04/2016 (Treatment for PPP removal with Dr Jha)

Really friendly staff, Dr Jha was awesome and informative. It was a quick treatment. 


Kirsten M Brinklow 04/04/2016 (Consultation with Dr Jha)

Friendly and honest.


Simon H Swindon 02/04/2016 (Treatment for PPP removal with Dr Jha)

Prompt, friendly, and professional.


Anonymous 26/03/2016 (Treatment for PPP removal with Dr Jha

Very nice, fast, and a friendly service.


T.H Coventry 24/03/2016 (Consultation for Mole check with Dr Jha)

Very thorough and informative. I feel in safe hands.


T. Collier Warwick 24/03/16 (Consultation for mole removal by Dr Jha)

I found the consultation very helpful and informative with no pressure at all.



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