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Cellulite removal cream Cellu Attack
Price: £ 29.00 £ 38.00
Code : RSHK-640305

The anti-cellulite serum Cellu-Attack presents an amazing action on cellulite, reducing and eliminating it efficiently. Due to its active ingredients and light texture, the anti-cellulite serum penetrates the skin better and reaches the problematic, cellulite-affected areas of your body. The Cellu-Attack serum increases fat-burning and liquid elimination from the adipose tissues, reshaping your body. Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington strongly recommends this anti-cellulite treatment as it is effective, simply to use (due to the massage cap on the serum container) and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Results are visible after a few uses and you will notice your skin will feel smoother, silkier, tightened and toned while cellulite will start to fade and disappear.

For optimal results, you should use an ATACHE exfoliator first to ensure that the anti-cellulite serum penetrates the skin to a deeper level and after use a strong hydrating cream, like “Pure Silk”. You will be amazed of the results and feel comfortable in your own skin again!

Quantity: 200 ml 


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