Eleanor - Avoiding gastric balloon insertion during pregnancy in Wolverhampton

Is it advisable to undergo a gastric balloon insertion procedure while pregnant? 

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Answer for Can you undergo gastric balloon insertion in Wolverhampton when pregnant? from Renew Skin Team
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Gastric balloon insertion, otherwise known as the BIB system, is an incredible weight loss procedure that has produce great weight reduction results while exposing the patient to extremely limited medical risks. This non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical procedure involves the placement of a gastric balloon within the stomach of the patient, then filling the silicon container with air or a sterile saline substance in order to occupy greater space. This will give the impression of fullness and thus considerably decreasing the patient's food intake and, consequently, his/her weight as well. While the BIB system is considered a very safe and simple weight loss solution in Wolverhampton, it can create certain complications if applied to special circumstances, pregnancy being one of them.

The increasing prevalence of obesity and excessive weight gain leads to an increase in the number of pregnant women who have various weight reduction mechanisms installed, gastric balloons being one example, making the managing of the patient's diet and food consumption especially complicated. The main issue is that during pregnancy, the childbearing patient must be able to provide the baby with an optimal nutritional supply. As specified above, the BIB system will considerably reduce the patient's capacity to eat large quantities of food and assimilate nutriments. Because of this, undergoing gastric balloon insertion in Wolverhampton is not recommended while the patient is pregnant unless a careful and objective medical examination concludes that the procedure will not affect in any adverse way the health of the mother or of the child. Depending from case to case, a number of variations in treatment can be applied. In certain cases, the gastric balloon can simply be reduced in volume, thus allowing a larger food intake while limiting pregnancy associated weight gain, maternal high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. In other cases, the complete removal of the gastric balloon is recommended since it will allow the assimilation of essential nutrients for the development of the fetus and will avoid any potential nausea or vomiting caused by the BIB system. The Renew Skin & Health Clinic team provides excellent weight loss in Wolverhampton and is able to advise you if you should have gastric balloon insertion while pregnant.

Our medical and nutritional specialists will make sure that you undergo the procedure only if it is the best solution for you and the baby. In order to undergo a consultation and receive the answers you need from an experienced medical professional, simply contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment.

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