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Can the hair simulation semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo be performed safely and effectively on scarred tissue?

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Answer for Can Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos be used to cover Scars? from Renew Skin Team
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Besides creating the appearance of a full head of hair by covering the bald and the thinning areas on the scalp, semi permanent cosmetic tattoos can also help improve the quality of the client's life by covering unaesthetic scar tissues. In fact, scalp micropigmentation can be used not only to visually restore thinning hairlines and bald spots, but also to conceal the effects of trichotillomania, chemotherapy, accident scars, skin grafts etc. Semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos, used for hair follicle simulation and for scar concealment, is different from the traditional tattooing method in that it does not penetrate as deep in the epidermis, making it less intrusive and more gentle with the client's skin. In the process of cosmetic tattooing, our specialists use only micro needles and special pigments which are non-invasive, inorganic and hypoallergenic, drastically reducing any chances of infection or allergic reactions. This is essential when performing any procedure on potentially sensitive scars.

In order for the scar concealment procedure, also known as scar camouflage, to be performed, the scar tissue must be approximately 9 to 12 months old, must be relatively flat and must no longer change colors. The procedure cannot be performed in the case of birthmarks, spider veins, age spots, under eye circles, hyper-pigmentation and unstable Vitiligo. Following a detailed consultation, the Renew Skin & Health Clinic cosmetic specialist will inform you if you are an ideal candidate for scar concealment using scalp micropigmentation and, if by any chance you are not, he will direct you to a different specialist which may be able to help you through the form of treatment that best suits you.

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