Lisa - Nipple restoration performed by tattoo artists

Is a traditional tattoo artist qualified to perform nipple restoration using micropigmentation or semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos? 

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Answer for Can Nipple Restoration be correctly performed by traditional tattoo artists? from Renew Skin Team
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Despite that fact that areola micropigmentation does have elements in common with the traditional form of tattooing, they are actually quite different procedures and demand very different kinds of training and preparation. Semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing is performed with a special type of pigment which is specifically manufactured for this procedure. It is composed of hypoallergenic, inorganic minerals that are fragrance-free and emollient-free, in this way drastically reducing any chances of infection or allergic reactions. Also, cosmetic tattooing is far less intrusive and less painful than the classical form of tattooing due to the fact that the special micro needles used to imprint the pigment in the skin only acts upon the upper layers of the epidermis. If the individual who is performing the areola repigmentation is not aware of the potential complications that might arise or does not treat the area with great care, his client may very well suffer from severe allergic reactions, infections, irritation or additional damage to the tissue. You must also keep in mind that, while traditional tattoo artists are trained to cover a wide range of styles and colors in order to produce an artistic work, medical and cosmetic tattoo specialists focus on rendering realistic images that will best emulate living tissue. As you can probably tell, this requires two very different skill sets. We strongly recommend that you do not resort to traditional tattoo artists when it comes to receiving nipple restoration or cosmetic tattoos, no matter how talented they are, since they require a completely different training and skill set. If you feel that you are ready to make this step, please make an appointment at a specialized clinic and, after a careful consultation, undergo the procedure in a protected and sterile environment.

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