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Is a surgical or non-surgical hair transplant procedure for men available in Cheltenham or should I apply for the Renew Skin’s services in Leamington Spa?

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Answer for Can I get a hair transplant procedure in Cheltenham? from Renew Skin Team
Renew Team

Hair transplant of any kind can only be performed in specialized cosmetic clinics and by experienced physicians with great medical practice in hair transplant and a verifiable portfolio of results.

Our cosmetic clinic in Leamington Spa, which is only 60 km away from Cheltenham, can provide you with professional and innovative hair transplant techniques. Renew Skin & Health Clinic benefits from the technology and the specialists required for a successful non-surgical or surgical hair transplant.

You should first of all schedule a consultation with one of our GPs as he/she can further refer you to one of our specialists in hair transplant who will clarify and explain all the details and requirements of these cosmetic techniques. You will also be recommended the best hair transplant method that will definitely fulfill your expectations! Baldness will not be a problem anymore!

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