As we know, expression wrinkles are the first signs that reveal the passage of time. Together with skin folds, these are the results of fine muscular contraction from under the skin every time we frown, laugh or simply smile. They deepen over time, becoming permanent and visible at rest. Doctors at Renew Skin & Health Clinic use advanced, non-invasive facelift techniques such as Botox, collagen injections and laser treatments to correct the conditions of wrinkles around your nose.

Along the upper third of the nose and nasal bridge, some patients develop the so-called "bunny lines". You are probably not even aware of the fact that you should worry about these wrinkles and even if they sound nice, the name is their only positive aspect. Further, descending along our face level, many of us develop nasolabial wrinkles which, according to their name, develop along the area starting at the base of the nose and finishing at the corners of the mouth. They are much deeper and more unaesthetic than the "bunny lines" because muscles in this area are more active, they form in some cases due to aging and smoking and fold similar to brackets in each corner of the mouth. Renew Skin & Health Clinic comes to your aid with safe and efficient Botox treatments for reducing and eliminating these wrinkles so you can feel younger and more comfortable in your own skin!

Botox contains the type-A botulinum toxin, a protein produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria, which passed through purification and moderation processes has been safely used in cosmetic beauty and rejuvenation treatments for the last 20 years. The purpose of using this neurotoxin is to prevent transmission of nervous impulses to muscles responsible for expression wrinkles. Therefore, the muscles no longer contract, tending to relax and leaving your skin looking smooth and unwrinkled. The procedure is very simple: together with the experts from Renew Skin & Health Clinic, you will establish an individual treatment plan, then, they will mark the targeted points around the nose that are to be injected and the doses will be customised according to your needs and aesthetic desires. Botox injections are not painful because the esthetician physician uses fine needles and very small doses. The wrinkle treatment takes up to 20 minutes, does not require hospitalisation or anesthesia and is a strictly localised process therefore, you should not worry about an expressionless face at the end of treatment. In men, who have a better developed musculature, the required doses are approximately 50% higher than those used in women. Visible results are almost immediate and are maintained for approximately 4-6 months but repeating this procedure, the result duration will increase up to 9 months.

The treatment based on collagen injections is also highly effective, the techniques and procedures that we offer being very similar to those of the Botox treatment. Collagen accounts for 70% of skin proteins, so as time passes by, normal amounts become deficient, leading to the appearance of unaesthetic wrinkles. Wrinkles around the nose, especially deep ones or skin folds can be corrected by stretching if the base is injected with a collagen substance to fill them and replace the volume defect.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic also offers you an alternative technique of wrinkle elimination and reduction around the nose, namely laser treatment. The new generation Mosaic fractional laser device is the most effective technology that can produce exceptional results in skin rejuvenation treatments in the shortest time. Even after the first session of laser treatment you will begin to feel the difference, your skin becoming smoother, fresher and more flexible. Fine lines around the nose will gradually fade away and disappear. After several such sessions, you will notice how young and healthy your skin starts to look. The results are so discreet and natural that only you and your doctor will know about the procedure. Mosaic laser system uses fractional light on targeted areas controllably penetrating the skin to a lower extent that it will only stimulate the collagen volume renewal. Although results are obtained after the first session, for an optimal effect on wrinkle reduction, 3 to 5 sessions are recommended. The treatment can be extended over a period of 2 to 6 weeks depending on the level of skin rejuvenation you seek.

Botox, collagen and laser treatments are truly very effective and simple cosmetic procedures that offer you great satisfaction in diminishing and eliminating wrinkles, but under one condition: to be performed by an experienced esthetician physician. Renew Skin & Health Clinic is therefore the right place. Here you can benefit from the fast, safe and non-invasive aesthetic interventions you need, under the close supervision of our doctor whose experience based professionalism will help you achieve the desired result while minimising eventual side effects.

Beside all these advantages, we would like to invite you for a complementary consultation offered by the Renew Skin & Health Clinic of Leamington Spa.