People in Coventry dealing with the unaesthetic issue of smokers lip lines can now benefit from Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s professional cosmetic treatments with Botox or the alternative dermal filler and dermabrasion Dermaroller therapy performed at our clinic by fully qualified practitioners with a vast experience in the field.

Smokers lip lines, upper lip vertical lines, lipstick lines or “bar codes” as they are also called are fine, generally small, but visible wrinkles that appear above the upper lip, causing an unaesthetic appearance that bother from a cosmetic point of view. Although the natural ageing process is the main cause for their appearance, sun damage, smoking and a repetitive pucker activity can worsen their condition, deepening them and making them more visible.

Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic practitioners will first perform a consultation during which your medical history and current health condition are assessed so that we can minimize or even completely eliminate possible risks and complications and succeed to ensure the optimum results you are expecting. The Botox microinjections are painless and safe as we use extremely fine needles, side-effects such as swelling, reddening of the area or bruising may or may not appear, but the risk is minimized and there is no downtime required, so you can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure to normally resume your daily activities. Regarding the Botox treatment for smokers lip line removal, we must mention that the procedure is rather complex, meaning that the Botox amounts to be injected must be very small to prevent oral disharmony and affecting one’s pucker too much.

The procedure with Juvederm and Restyalne hyaluronic acid gels is very similar, but is easier to perform due to the hyaluronic acid smooth composition that is more easily absorbed and spreads more evenly. The practitioner at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will be able to recommend the treatment that suits you best with regard to the final results and the effects’ duration you’re expecting from such a procedure. Anyway, the result will definitely satisfy you as the smokers lip lines will be reduced, even eliminated and you will be able to enjoy again a wrinkle free smile, fuller and better contoured lips!

People in Coventry can contact us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office on 01926 422-454 to get a booking date for their Botox smokers lip line removal treatment and start improving their appearance.

Before After Results for Coventry