Cheryl - Downtime required for Botox treatment in Sheffield

Does the Botox treatment for dynamic wrinkles involve a long recovery period or does it have side-effects that imply downtime? 

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Answer for How long is the recovery time required for a Botox treatment? from Renew Skin Team
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Despite the fact that a Botox treatment is a non-invasive treatment which aims to reduce wrinkles, lines and other signs of ageing, being also called a lunch-procedure due to the fact that it lasts between 15-20 minutes and the patient can then return to its normal schedule, as with any other cosmetic treatment, it is of utmost importance to follow the doctors instructions. The treatment itself is compared by most of our Renew Skin & Health Clinic patients to an insect bite and it is not painful, but because it is a toxin which affects your muscles, there may be slight bruising, redness or even tenderness following the Botox treatment. The specialist usually suggests a cold water compress in order to relieve the sensation and some exercises and facial massage. At the site of injection there may be some red dots which can be hidden with some make-up.
The reddening or any other bruising or swelling is reduced within a few hours and you can go back to your routine. All in all, the cosmetic specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic can reassure people in Sheffield that the Botox microinjection treatment does not require any downtime whatsoever, so you can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure to normally resume your daily activities.

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