The pulsed dye laser treatment carried out at Renew Skin & Health Clinic is an innovative and beneficial cosmetic procedure that comes to the aid of the population in Birmingham suffering from unaesthetic sebaceous hyperplasia and Fordyce spots skin disorders.

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a non-malignant dysfunction of the sebaceous glands, frequent in middle-aged or older individuals. These single or multiple skin lesions look like soft, small, yellowish papules located mostly on the face, chest, mouth, scrotum, and genitalia. Sebaceous hyperplasia is harmless and does not require any medical treatment; however, when the lesions are severe, irritating, suppurating, and cosmetically undesirable, they may be removed. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, our specialists implement an easy solution that is the sebaceous hyperplasia removal laser treatment in Birmingham. Due to its recurring incidence, contagion and extension to other skin areas, sebaceous hyperplasia laser removal in Birmingham is highly recommended.

Fordyce Spots are a variation of the sebaceous glands that appear at birth or later in life, and become more prominent as of puberty. They are tiny, painless, yellowish or white raised papules with diameters of 1-3mm present on the genitals and the vermilion border of the lips. Fordyce Spots are mainly caused by the sebum stuck in an obstructed sebaceous gland, being an unaesthetic skin condition. Not infectious nor harmless, Fordyce Spots are not sexually transmitted, being just a cosmetic concern. The Fordyce spots removal laser treatment in Birmingham is the medical solution for those patients in search of dermatological help.

The pulsed dye laser is a safe and beneficial solution for sebaceous hyperplasia removal in Birmingham and Fordyce spots removal treatment in Birmingham. It hinders infection occurrence cauterizing the damaged skin tissue with minimal invasiveness. This sort of laser therapy uses an organic dye mixed in a solvent and works on the principle of selective thermolysis, more precisely the laser heat destroys the selected cells from inside. The pulsed dye laser for Fordyce spots removal in Birmingham and sebaceous hyperplasia removal in Birmingham will minutely remove the obstructed gland, leaving the skin intact and ensuring a high level of precision. Minimal scarring and no downtime required are among other significant advantages.

In order to benefit from this modern therapy against sebaceous hyperplasia and Fordyce spots, patients should consult our specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic for an accurate diagnosis. If case you are eligible for sebaceous hyperplasia removal laser treatment in Birmingham or Fordyce spots removal laser treatment in Birmingham, contact our dermatologists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s Head Office for medical assistance or book an appointment to undergo the laser treatment.