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How can warts on the body be removed effectively? Is surgery necessary or are there any non-surgical, non-invasive wart removal treatments?

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Answer for How do I choose the best wart removal treatment? from Renew Skin Team
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No wart removal treatment should be undergone without a prior specialized consultation, as there are many skin conditions which can look similar to warts. At Renew Skin and Health Clinic our private dermatologists can suggest you the most adequate, safest and most effective treatment which can help you get rid of the warts on your body, after a specialized consultation and a medical history check. Despite the fact that there are many over-the-counter products which may seem more cost-effective, it is better and safer to undergo a wart removal procedure in a doctorís office because home remedies may not be effective or may even cause side-effects such as skin burns and scarring.
At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, the best treatment that we usually recommend is the radiosurgery procedure. Radiosurgery for wart removal is a fast, painless and effective procedure which ensures you that in 15-30 minutes you will get rid of your warts without any effort. There are usually no side-effects, since the radiosurgery procedure is performed under a local anesthetic and uses low temperatures. The radio waves will instantly cut and coagulate the tissue, bleeding and possible infections being prevented, while the healing process is enhanced. Radiosurgery requires no downtime, so our patients in London can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure. All risks and complications are minimized due to our fully qualified practitionersí expertise in the field.

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