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What is the best treatment for spider veins removal and are the treatment’s or procedure’s effects permanent? What does it involve exactly?

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Answer for What is the best method for spider vein removal? from Renew Skin Team
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There are several treatments that can be applied in order to help people in Coventry and not only, get rid of the unaesthetic thread veins, such as laser therapy, radiosurgery, the most common, microsclerotherapy and the newest technique which uses thermo coagulation, all of which are provided at Renew Skin & Health Clinic.
Microsclerotherapy is the most common treatment which consists in injecting a solution into your veins in order to stop the blood from flowing through them, the blood being the one that makes them visible. This treatment is regarded as a very efficient therapy due to the fact that it is safe and painless, but it may have side-effects such as small brown pigmentation of the skin in the injected area, and the treatment requires the patients to wear compression stockings for several days.
As stated before, there is a new technique available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic which is based on the thermo coagulation principle. The TC3000, the device that uses this principle, has an encapsulated fine needle through which a high frequency pulse is passed. The heat will only affect the desired area, as it provides the practitioner with great precision and will instantly coagulate the targeted thread veins, without causing any damage to the adjacent tissues and presenting absolutely no side-effects. The TC3000 procedure is safe, painless, very quick, as it usually lasts for 10-15 minutes, and the results are immediate and permanent, there is no seasonal limitation and no elastic stockings needed after the treatment. People in Coventry are invited at Renew Skin & Health Clinic to benefit from the new and highly versatile TC3000 treatment for the effective removal of facial and body thread veins.

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