This before-and-after image clearly shows the evolution of the revolutionary hair removal treatment performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic with the amazing DEKA Motus AX laser therapy combined with the MOVEO technology.

The first picture presents our patient before any treatment for hair removal in the genital area, while the second picture shows the same patient, one month and a half later, after only one hair removal treatment with the DEKA Motus Ax laser. The difference is clearly visible and promises a lot in terms of cosmetic results, given that this outcome has been achieved after a single session.

Our experienced doctors at Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommend the DEKA Motus Ax or Alexandrite laser therapy that combines MOVEO technology for indisputable hair removal results. This cosmetic laser technology is so effective, that even at lower power, the efficiency of hair removal is outstanding. The DEKA Motus Ax laser device allows for 10 handpieces, making it easy to maneuver in any part of the body. The laser hair removal treatment addresses all skin types, including types IV and V, it is painless, and causes no side-effects such as burns or skin discolouration. Moreover, the DEKA Motus Ax laser hair removal treatment is also very fast, given its ability to treat areas of 100 cm2 in under 25 seconds.

The DEKA Motus AX laser hair removal before and after picture clearly shows the efficiency of this cosmetic treatment, guaranteeing complete comfort and long-lasting, if not permanent hair removal results. 

Before and After DEKA Motus AX hair removal treatment Gallery

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