Lyre - Head lumps symptoms and treatment in Birmingham

Are the painful lumps on the head a sign of cancerous growths? Who should I see for an accurate diagnosis?

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Answer for How do I know whether the lump from the back of my head is cancerous or not? from Renew Skin Team
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There are various reasons which may cause bumps to your head, not necessary cancer. Despite the fact that it hurts, you can have vertigo, and the bump may be a bone spur, but this would usually be accompanied with migraines in the back of your head, or, and this is the more common cause, swollen lymph nodes, which can occur due to an infection . In order to receive a more accurate diagnosis you should see a specialist.
At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, our specialists or GPs can perform a specialized consultation followed by a medical history check, and afterwards, they can recommend you the most appropriate treatment. In order to remove head lumps and bumps, we usually recommend and perform minor surgery procedures, due to the fact that not only are they fast, painless, and day case procedures but they also ensure excellent cosmetic results. If necessary, the removed head lump is sent to biopsy, in order to exclude a malignant tumor. Whether your head lump is cancerous or not, you should have it check due to the fact that the scalp area is highly vascularized and there can be some severe side effects if the head lump or bump is not treated properly.

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