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Sun Premium treatments

The Sun premium Line from ATACHE provides optimum skin protection against harmful sun rays, ensuring anti-ageing and skin moisturizing effects. Comprising from 25 SPF to 50+ SPF professional products, the ATACHE Sun Premium facial protection line also offers oily and acne-prone skin correction treatments, removing shiny areas with a mattifying finish that will make your complexion look flawless and healthy. If you seek a uniform and healthy suntan, these professional products form ATACHE are the best option, as the high SPF facial protective creams ensure great shielding even during peak hours, enabling skin rejuvenation, reaffirming and smoothening the skin. Pigmentation irregularities and sun spots will only be a memory as the Sun Premium line also ensures anti-spot facial treatments, containing Aloe Vera and Tahitian Monoi Oil, which are extremely effective in preventing premature ageing of the sun exposed skin. 

Face Oil free SPF 30 cream-gel protection Face Oil-Free 30 SPF- £ 21.00

The ATACHE Face Oil-Free 3- SPF protective cream-gel ensures an effective treatment against oily and acne-prone skin, removing the shiny areas and leaving a mattified, velvet-smooth skin ready for a perfectly healthy and uniform tan. 

SPF 50+ tinted antiage cream protection face Face 50+ SPF Tinted- £ 24.00

The Face 50+ SPF cosmetic product from ATACHE offers you all the benefits of a sunscreen and face cream combined in one product. It ensures maximum protection against harmful sunlight and also provides an effective anti-aging and reaffirming effect for your skin.  

SPF 50+ antiage cream protection face Face 50+ SPF- £ 21.00

Face 50+ SPF facial skin protection cream ensures maximum and optimal sun protection and anti-aging effects for a perfect and healthy suntan. 

Anti spot cream spotless face protection treatment Spotless Face 25 SPF- £ 24.00

Spotless Face 25 SPF is the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin to enjoy a uniform tan, have a protected skin during sun exposure and get rid of the unaesthetic facial pigmentation irregularities.

Facial protection Cream SPF 30 antiage cream Face 30 SPF- £ 19.00

The ATACHE Face 30 SPF is the perfect and most simple way to protect your skin while getting a perfect tan. You will no longer have to worry about the harmful UV light, as the active ingredients also provide an efficient anti-aging, skin reaffirming effect. 


Our clinic offers Sun Premium treatments, hair transplant wart treatment and radiosurgery sebaceous hyperplasia treatment and semipermanent make-up.

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