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What are the possible side effects that the radiosurgery mole removal procedure implies? And how can radio surgery minimize these side effects?

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Answer for Are there any side effects in mole removal? from Renew Skin Team
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The mole removal method suggested by Renew Skin & Health Clinic is safe and efficient. Moles require removal only when representing a health hazard (change their shape, color and size) or when causing inconveniences, creating an unaesthetic appearance or when getting caught while dressing, shaving or combing your hair.
The specialist doctor will perform a visual check-up and then decide if the moles require removal. The surgical procedure that uses radio waves removed the moles at the skin's level, destroying the cells from within and cauterizing the skin in the same time. So the risk of a future infection is practically inexistent. The only side effects that may appear with radiosurgery are a more acute sensitivity of the area until a scab forms in the mole's place and falls after a few days and the appearance of a minimal scar that fades away and disappears in time.

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