The most efficient mole removal procedure proposed by Renew Skin & Health Clinic is radiosurgery as it presents a series of benefits such as maximum safety and pain relief.

Because this removal procedure uses high frequency and low temperature radio waves, the pain is almost inexistent or little perceivable by the more sensitive patients. In any case, the dermatologist performing the procedure will apply a local anesthetic based on lidocaine, thus eliminating any type of discomfort. The procedure itself is painless as the used electrode generating the radio waves doesn’t heat up. More exactly, when the loop-shaped electrode passes over the mole, the generated radio waves encounter a certain resistance from the water in the tissues. From this resistance results a temperature that will volatilize the water, decomposing the cells from the inside. The nervous endings aren’t affected, so there shouldn’t be any pain whatsoever.

The mole removal procedure can be followed in isolated cases by a minimum post-operative discomfort consisting in a more acute sensitivity of the area until it heals. A scab will form and fall off after a few days, and the regenerated skin underneath will catch a normal color in time (in the beginning it has a pick shade).

As the electrode used in this procedure simultaneously cuts and cauterizes, there will be no bleeding during the radiosurgery procedure or after. Moreover, the radio waves penetrating the skin enter the peripheral tissues only superficially, at a depth of 0.02 mm. The dermatologists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic can reassure you that this surgical procedure is painless, fast and efficient, offering you the best cosmetic results as the scarring risk is absolutely minimal. Advantages are significant, so you only have to convince yourselves of this!