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Is it allowed for moles to be exposed to sunlight? To what extent, in which period of the day? And are there any means of reducing the dangers involved?

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Answer for Am I allowed to expose a mole to the sun? from Renew Skin Team
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Excessive exposure to harmful UV radiations is not recommended by any means. Especially to people with fair skin, red hair, blue eyes and freckles as they are much more sensitive and prone to sunburns than those with darker skin.
Radiations are the strongest between 11am and 4pm, during peak hours and exposing the moles in this period without using a high protection factor sunscreen (SPF >15) is highly dangerous as it can alter the melanocytes' structure, modifying their nature into a malignant one. Thus, one can develop the malignant melanoma, a type of cancer that causes the most deaths per year. However, if discovered in due time, the malignant melanoma can be treated.

On the other hand, it's development can be prevented, so you should take protection measures against an excessive and inappropriate sun exposure: covering the larger moles, applying SPF sunscreen every two hours on the exposed areas, wearing appropriate clothing articles such as larger shirts, pants, wide-brimmed hats, or clothes made out of a special type of fabric that blocks the sunrays from reaching the skin.
A prolonged sun exposure during childhood also increases the chances of cancer development at adulthood.
Except the above mentioned periods, sun exposure is permitted as the UV radiations' intensity is decreased and anyway, sunlight is highly necessary for the fixation of vitamin D within the skin.

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