Skin tags are very common, smooth or slightly wrinkled, irregular, brown or flesh-colored hanging growths on the skin that can appear on various areas of your body where skin rubs against skin or clothes. Skin tags usually appear in adults, some being more prone to their development than others. They can even appear on your face, around the eye, called eyelid skin tags and can vary in size from 2 mm to a wide grape 5 cm-sized skin growth.

Overweight and diabetic people, pregnant women, babies who are a little plump and younger children who have a habit of rubbing their eyes often can develop eyelid skin tags more easily. However skin tags on eyelid are known to appear in time and not at birth, being more common in middle-aged people. The factors that cause this skin condition are known to be hormonal changes or elevations, or they can be hereditary.

Generally, eyelid skin tags are harmless, but there are cases in which they can change their shape and size or even bleed if caught in clothing or other accessories, by accident. Usually, people live with eyelid skin tags and choose not to treat them, but when they become bothersome, the decision to undergo a professional private treatment is taken for cosmetic reasons. Every eyelid skin tag removal procedure requires a specialized consultation that is imperative, helping the doctor determine which treatment suits you the best.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa the experienced practitioner and clinic lead Dr Jha uses several methods for skin tags on eyelid removal, such as the DEKA CO2 laser therapy which is the most effective if you prefer a painless, scarless and fast cosmetic procedure. Other alternative eyelid skin tag removal treatments are cauterization, cutting the eyelid skin tags and cryotherapy.

Cauterization consists in the use of excessive heated metal in order to eliminate the eyelid skin tags. If you choose this method, the specialized practitioner will, first of all, clean very well the area that needs to be treated. Then he might apply a local anesthetic to lessen your discomfort, because the procedure can be painful. Then he will proceed and burn the skin tags on eyelid successfully.

In cutting the eyelid skin tags the experienced doctor will use surgical scissors to carefully and safely remove the growths. However, this procedure requires a highly trained, experienced doctor who has the ability to know how to prevent infections.

Cryotherapy, also called cryosurgery for eyelid skin tags removal, is an efficient treatment method that consists in freezing the skin growths and eliminating them successfully by using a technique called necrosis. It doesn’t necessarily need local anesthesia because it is a very fast procedure and it treats both benign and malignant lesions and the adverse effects are minimal.  At Renew Skin & Health Clinic the experienced dermatologists perform the cryotherapy eyelid skin tags removal treatment and ensure positive cosmetic results. During the skin tags on eyelid removal procedure the specialized doctor dips a needle or hemostat into liquid nitrogen for 15 seconds, then grasps the skin tag for 10 seconds with high precision, without harming the adjacent area. However, the patient may feel a little discomfort, a light stinging sensation. The treated skin tags will change their color, but after one week they will dry and fall off in about 7 to 10 days. The patient might experience some irritation, but it is important to keep the treated area clean until it heals completely and to use hydrogen peroxide in order to prevent infections. The patient can choose between the three types of cryotherapy, namely hilotherapy, ice pack therapy and use of liquid nitrogen, each being an effective alternative eyelid skin tags removal treatment.

There are of course differences between these alternative eyelid skin tags removal treatments, the DEKA CO2 being the cosmetic procedure undergone by the majority of the patients because it is safe, painless, fast, scarless and especially non-invasive as it consists in using laser beams solely on the affected areas of the skin in order to remove the growths and generate collagen production so that the patients can be eyelid skin tags free and also enjoy healthier skin. In order to benefit from any of the effective alternative eyelid skin tags removal treatments, you should contact our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa.

Before After Results for DEKA CO2 Laser Treatments