Alopecia areata is an unpredictable disease that can appear at any age, consisting in hair falling out due to an autoimmune condition that is usually set in our individual genetic code and can manifest at any time. In some situations the fallen hair may grow back, and then fall again, but in most cases this doesn’t happen, leading to baldness. Although it is a non-life threatening disease, alopecia areata can cause great aesthetic and psychological distress, forcing sufferers to isolate themselves from society and refusing to enjoy normal social activities. But Renew Skin & Health Clinic now comes to your aid with the revolutionary DEKA Excilite-µ laser therapy for the treatment of alopecia areata in Birmingham, a non-surgical procedure performed only by our highly experienced specialists.

The Deka Excilite-µ laser used for the alopecia areata treatment in Birmingham is in fact a type of targeted phototherapy based on the Monochromatic Excimer Light or MEL@308 nm. The efficiency of this laser therapy has been certified by various tests and specialists using the device, and at Renew Skin & Health Clinic our clients have also achieved satisfying results. Chances are higher if the alopecia areata is treated when it hasn’t reached a severe case, ensuring better results with milder cases, but still being effective. Due to the effectiveness of the DEKA Excilite-µ laser therapy in the alopecia areata treatment in Birmingham, there are fewer sessions required, because the laser device is easily maneuverable, any area presenting hair loss, regardless of size and position can be easily reached, the targeted feature of the alopecia areata laser treatment in Birmingham acting solely upon the affected areas, without causing any unnecessary irradiation to the healthy tissues.

Combining the advantages of revolutionary technology with a practical and functional design, DEKA Excilite-µ laser therapy for the alopecia areta treatment in Birmingham guarantees exceptional cosmetic results, stimulating the affected hair follicles’ growth and thus restoring your hair in the balding areas. Alopecia areata should no longer be an issue, given the simple solution provided to you at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic with the help of the state-of-the-art DEKA Excilite-µ laser therapy.

If you suffer from alopecia areata or you notice mild symptoms of hair loss, do not hesitate and address our hair specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic by simply scheduling an appointment. We also esure a specialized consultation during which your medical history and current health condition are assessed appropriately for an accurate diagnosis and the alopecia areata treatment in Birmingham that best suits your individual case. The DEKA Excilite-µ targeted phototherapy will restore the beautiful hair you lost, and in 4 weeks you can already notice improvements. If not, our specialists will definitely set another course of action that will better suit your needs in terms of cosmetic results.