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Is Renew Clinic ensuring acne specialist services? What treatments do they recommend for the effective removal of acne?

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Answer for What kind of treatments can I undergo to get rid of acne in Birmingham? from Renew Skin Team
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First of all, you need to know that acne is a hormonal imbalance caused by an increased level of androgenic or male hormones in both male and female individuals during puberty, clearing up completely after the teen years. In some people however, the condition persists and causes great distress due to the unaesthetic appearance. Furthermore acne includes whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and in more severe cases, cysts. They can appear due to external harmful factors such as inappropriate cosmetics and moisturizers, excessive sun exposure or an unbalanced diet. Despite common belief, acne is not caused by food, dirt, stress or heredity, but if you dont clean your skin often, it can worsen your condition.
If you are from Birmingham and looking for an acne specialist you can contact Renew Skin and Health Clinic, which is always at your disposal offering you the services of highly qualified specialists who take care to ensure that your needs are fully met, giving you an accurate diagnosis and proposing a treatment plan that will work for you. There is a diverse pallet of treatments you can choose from such as: Intense Pulse Light - IPL treatment (IPL system releases yellow and green light which kills the bacteria that lives within the skin and causes the acne, and the red light that targets sebaceous glands preventing the excess of sebum), Nd:Yag Laser Acne Treatment which is a painless and safe treatment, that does not require special care after the intervention, nor hospitalization, the Jan Marini peel, a chemical treatment for the face, neck, chest and hands, that is recommended for every skin type: delicate, normal, oily or dry; the chemical peels consist in applying a chemical solution to improve skin texture by removing the damaged upper layers, that generally take up to 6 weeks to obtain effective results, and the professional Oily Sk line products from ATACHE that can be used both at the clinic and at home, for excellent and improved results.

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