A1 Scientific Cosmetics are the main distributors of professional ATACHE skin care products in England, working in collaboration with Renew Skin & Health Clinic supplying us with the finest products, treatments programmes and of course training, helping us provide professional clinic treatments for our clients and also ensure their possibility to purchase these amazing cosmetics for home use.

The ATACHE professional cosmetics company has tried for the last 30 years to keep up with people’s needs in terms of skin care, skin renewal and skin protection, always being a leader on the market, due to its experience in the field of dermatology, pharmaceutics and its highly trained team of experts.

The ATACHE products distributed by A1 Scientific Cosmetics are in fact innovations in the advanced scientific cosmetics, ensuring a wide range of face and body skin care eco-friendly treatments for both professional and home use, promoting healthy skin for absolutely all skin types. With the ongoing research and development in the field of cosmetics and cosmetic treatments, the ATACHE Company is a pioneer in the use of two wonder-working active ingredients, namely Retinol and Pure Vitamin C and other exceptional new formulas for best results.

Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic clients have declared themselves extremely satisfied with the results obtained with the professional ATACHE treatments solving various skin issues and conditions that range from cellulite reduction and skin reaffirmation to facial skin spots removal, skin lightening and flawless complexion achievement.And all this, thanks to our beauty specialist team managed by our Clinic Manager and ATACHE trainer and of course ATACHE’s specialised main distributor in England, A1 Scientific Cosmetics, which supplied us and our clients with professional programme and home use cosmetics and products.

Contact us at Renew Skin & Health Clinic to schedule professional body or face skin care treatments or order ATACHE products for home use, even if you are outside Leamington Spa, as we constantly update our satellite centres near you hence please be advised to call our Head Office on 01926 422 454 or access our Contact Page! Start the improvement with us as we can help you achieve it!

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